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Client Services: Claims and Billing

We hope that you won’t have to file a claim on any of your important assets; but if you do, you’ll know that Farmington is here to help. Farmington’s interactive system makes it easy to submit an insurance claim on any of your protected assets. With Farmington, you can know that your requests will be attended to immediately, and we’ll work with you to get the coverage you deserve.

Auto Claim Numbers

Dairyland:  800-225-1390
Fidelity:   800-222-1351
Old Dominion:  877-425-2467 (also includes Main Street America)
Progressive:  800-274-4499
Providence Mutual: 401-827-1800
RI Auto Insurance Plan: 401-944-2230


Homeowner Claim Numbers

Fidelity: 800-222-1351
Main Street America: 877-425-2467 (includes NGM Insurance)
Providence Mutual: 401-827-1800
RI Joint Reinsurance: 800-851-8424


Business Claim Numbers

To file a claim on any business/commercial policy, please call our office at 401-944-2230 during business hours.